MS Romantika FCM

MS Romantika FCM

In 2014 «Breezemarine Group LTD»designed, designed, installed and handed over to the customer the fuel consumption monitoring system for the Romantika cargo and passenger ferry which provides trips on routes Riga–Stockholm and Tallinn–Stockholm.

The complete system configuration under the project includes:

  • Installation of screw-type flow meters on main engines, diesel generators and boilers.
  • Installation of the flow meter interfaced with the fuel additive dosing pump in the main fuel supply line (downstream the service tank).
  • Monitoring cabinet with consumer displays and indicators in the engine room and monitoring panel with the 16″ display in the central control room. The monitoring panel software allows the operator to monitor the whole fuel system, individual consumers and consumer groups, promptly obtain consumption data, draw up tables, plot graphs, make reports, transfer data ashore automatically.
  • The operator panel with the 16″ display located in Bridge also indicates the fuel consumption by every consumer. The panels are interfaced with the shipboard GPS module and torsion meters on propeller shafts, allowing navigators to choose the optimal ship speed and mechanical engineers to distribute the load.
  • Two torque-meters on propeller shafts.

The system was installed and adjusted by our specialists in service, while the ship was in harbour and under way. Now the system runs successfully under supervision and technical support of our customer service.


In March 2016 was started on the vessel installation of bunkering Coriolis – type flowmeter with connection to common FCM system.

IMAG0252Screw-type flow meters on Main Engines








IMAG0286Screw-type flow meters on Diesel Generators






Flow meter interfaced with the fuel additive dosing pump on the fuel transfer line from storage tanks to service tanks.




IMAG0278Monitoring cabinet with consumer displays and indicators in the engine room.








IMAG0669Two torque-meters on propeller shafts.









Bunkering Coriolis – type flowmeter