Propulsion and Steering Equipment

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«Breezemarine Group LTD» – offers a full range of equipment, assemblies and spares for the propulsion and steering equipment for all types of ships as well as manufacture, repair, recovery and maintenance services for the propulsion and steering equipment.

The sea requires special attention of a man to operating conditions in the sea. It is impossible to conquer the waters and that is why people learned how to coexist, build a fleet for different purposes, develop appliances to maintain safety and increase operational efficiency. Quality of the main propulsion and steering equipment components is of particular importance. In the course of operation we use accessories of well-known European companies and integrate experience and capacities with our partners.

Our companies are the most well-known companies in Europe in this field- MARINESHAFT Group A/S and BALINO, S.A.

We offer:

  • Stern tubes and bearings assemblies.
  • Shaft line assemblies for controllable pitch propellers using Kamewa and RollsRoys technologies.
  • Intermediate shafts for controllable pitch propellers.
  • Licensed thruster assemblies.
  • Sterntube seals.
  • Rudders, rudder stocks, azipods.
  • Fixed and adjustable pitch propellers and their components made of bronze and stainless steel.

We specialize in:

  • Certificated cold straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks by hydraulic press.
  • Manufacture of new propeller shafts and rudder stocks.
  • Build-up welding of shafts, heat treatment, microwelding, protective coating of shafts.
  • Recovery and repair of rudder stocks including “Simplex type”.
  • Recovery of propulsion and steering equipment, repair of propeller blades and fixed pitch propellers.
  • Drilling of different bores using special-purpose portable equipment at the berth.
  • Sales of certificated workpiece shafts and rudder stocks from warehouse.
  • Manufacture of propellers and controllable pitch propeller shafts (access to a large library of drawings as well as sample drafting).


All production processes and materials are approved by leading classification societies, including Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). From the territory of the EU the repairable assemblies are imported to the EU using a simplified procedure of temporary import under our total control. Thanks to its extensive production facilities and state-of-the-art mobile workshops, we are capable of manufacturing and repairing propeller shafts, rudder stocks, propeller blades and propulsion/steering units in the shortest possible time and at the depot/base of your fleet as required.

Please contact our specialists to receive close consultation on the issue of your interest related to repair and maintenance of propulsion and steering equipment.

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