We supply OEM and license-manufactured high-quality spares and assemblies for turbochargers, and turbocharger assemblies. Main assemblies (bearings, oil pumps, and assembled units) can be offered on exchange basis.

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Thanks to an extensive global network, we offer fast and efficient delivery of spares and units of the following manufacturers:

  • ABB/ BBC VTR – type (full range).
  • ABB/ BBC RR – type (full range).
  • IHI – all types (all series).
  • MAN B&W – NA , NR – type (all series)
  • PBS Turbo – PDH – series (all series)
  • HOLSET – H, N series.



  • KKK – full range.
  • NAPIER – all main type.
  • MITSUBISHI – MET – full range.
  • KBB – H, R ,K – series.
  • CATERPILLAR – all series.

Main assemblies and assembled units are certified by Classification Societies (certificates are provided upon the customer’s request). Reconditioned turbine parts are provided with measurement logs and balance test reports.