General Provisioning


Breezemarine Group LTD renders general provisioning services for deck stores and engine stores.

Our company is the main supplier of equipment and products for shiprepairers of the Baltic countries.

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We deliver the following for shiprepairers, shipbuilders and shipowners:

  • Marine stop valves of different versions and dimensions (valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, etc.)
  • Marine doors (of different classes and versions), scuttles, hatches, manholes.
  • Mooring bollards, bollards, fenders.
  • Ventilation heads for fuel and ballast tanks.
  • Pressure/ Vacuum relief valves , ventilation systems and flame arrestors for tanks on ships carrying all types of volatile organic chemical (VOC) liquids.
  • Electrical equipment: lamps, floodlights, junction and start boxes, power contactors, etc.
  • Electric motors.
  • Automatic equipment: pressure and temperature sensors, warning and alarm system components, remote automated control system components
  • Electrical power cables.
  • nterior. Furniture, equipment, items and materials for the ship interior.
  • Rigging: cargo slings, fastening slings and shackles.
  • Container fasteners and equipment: lashing bars, deck fittings, rigging screws, guy chains, manual and semi-automatic locks.
  • Anchor equipment, mooring ropes.
  • Anodic protection, sacrificial anodes — zinc and aluminium (of different dimensions and versions).

Other marine equipment.
All items of supply supervised by classification societies are provided with class and quality certificates.