Аналитика и рекомендации



After 6 months of collecting data, Breezemarine provides recommended values for various parameters. Further, as information is received, recommended parameters are reviewed from time to time.

  • Trim optimization
  • Voyage optimization
  • Machinery optimization


Main Principles

bm-01Get accurate data from Fleet

bm-01Online monitoring of Fleet performance

bm-01Analyze and recommend for better performance

bm-04Arrangement of Fleet Data
No Cloud Service!

All data on board the vessel is collected in the vessel central processor (history is stored for 1 year or more) and transferred in batches through the Internet or GSM to the Client office server. We do not use cloud services! All information is stored at the Client’s side.

All staff’s Wall Boards and portable devices may communicate with the Company’s server if provided with an access key and appropriate level of access for retrieving necessary information.