Bunkering Monitoring

Monitoring bunkering and cargo handling operations

Bunkering equipment has OIML R117-1 certificates for HFO, MDO and MGO

  • Real-time monitoring of received/discharged cargo (accuracy ± 0.5%)
  • History viewing
  • Data archiving and export
  • Connection to common FCM system and data analysis
  • Trend viewing
  • Real-time quality control of received product
  • etc.
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CORIOLIS flow meter and its advantages

  1. Measures great flows at big pipe diameters.
  2. Resistant to mechanical impurities and air in the system.
  3. Has no moving parts.
  4. Long life with permanent measuring accuracy.
  5. Measures the product weight itself not considering air/gas in the system.
  6. Requires practically no maintenance.
  7. Does not require an automatic bypass valve.