Casting and Repair of Propellers

Time is asset.

Each lost day is lost business and lost profit.

We will save your time…

When it seems that recovery of the propeller is impossible and you prepare yourself for considerable expenses. You (dear engineering operator) need to order manufacture of a new propeller in advance. But it is expensive and it will take long. The drawings may be lost. Often the manufacturer (monopolist) is not in a hurry to handle your order. His clients stand in line and that is why it takes long to manufacture new assemblies.

And the shipowner is upset. The charter, contract and navigation is lost…Everything is lost!

Do not worry! An acceptable solution with minimum losses can be found even in a complicated situation. Breezemarine Group Ltd. will help you find best solution to the problem.

We have experience in the following works:

  • Manufacture of controllable pitch propeller shafts according to the Customer’s drawings. Casting, machining and certification by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. (materials: bronze 1, 2, 3 and 4, stainless steel)
  • Repair of propeller blades and bosses using a method approved by the RS (welding, machining and heat treatment).
  • Drafting for manufacture of propellers and controllable pitch propeller parts.
  • Access to a large library of famous manufacturers’ drawings.
  • Coordination of operations, certification of products and signing of Reports by the RS.
  • We also take up and successfully solve issues of logistics and customs clearance related to transportation services. From the territory of the EU the repairable assemblies are imported to the EU using a simplified procedure of temporary import under our total control.

Our time frames on implementation of the mentioned operations are usually much shorter than those of the Russian manufacturers. Each order is calculated depending on the scope of works and damage types.

Our principle is efficiency and control at each stage to reduce non-productive down time of your fleet.

Please contact our specialists to receive close consultation on the issue of your interest related to repair and maintenance of propellers.

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